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PAT Testing

In general most electrical wiring needs testing, from large buildings to kettles. If an item has got a plug top on it and you can move it, then it is classed as a Portable Appliance.

There is a legal requirement that employers ensure the electrical safety of any equipment that their employees use in the course of their work. This includes computers, phone chargers and those hidden fan-heaters under their desks! Portable Appliance Testing is usually required by insurance companies.

A 'PAT test' includes:

  • A visual inspection of the external casing and flex
  • An electrical test to check its earth paths  
  • An electrical test to check its insulation
  • The recording of results 
  • The fixing of a compliance sticker on the item.
The testing of an item takes about a couple minutes.

In addition to marking all items which have passed with a compliance sticker, we will provide copies of all test results for your records.

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